Compassion Makes the Difference


Compassion is a beautiful thing, especially as it is applied toward the elderly. How is it possible to even begin to understand what they are going through, if you haven’t yet lived it yourself? Compassion, coupled with excellent training is a combination that could make a difference in the daily life of everyone you serve. If you are considering a career in residential care facilities for the elderly (RCFE), you will have to be trained in the specialized skills that elder care requires. Once qualified, you will be required to obtain continuing education units (CEU) every few years to keep updated on the latest information and care. Being aware of the needs of both the physical and the emotional sides of elder care is the perfect balance in this industry. You can achieve your RCFE CEU online as you continue your career.


Never Undervalue the Art of Kindness


In a world where the elderly find that nearly everything has changed around them, one thing that will always be the same is the effect of a smile and a kind word. An assisted living education will teach skills like the daily tasks of cooking, cleaning and dressing, and your RCFE CEU will keep those skills up to date.


During the performance of those daily chores, there is an art of kindness that can help them cope with their new lifestyle. Remembering that tenderness as you are transferring them to their chair, a kind word when delivering their food and even just a bright smile when you enter their room and greet them could change their whole day.
Caring for the elderly is a gift of gentle understanding and compassionate care. When the elderly find themselves in a facility, it’s hard enough to try to adapt to such a dramatic change. Using the skills you keep receiving from your RCFE CEU, you will be able to meet the daily tasks readily while always taking the time to care for the heart of your clients.

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